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Holiday Club

School holidays 8.00am - 6.00pm


Our Holiday Club facilities are open for all children aged 2 - 11 years,

during the school holidays. We offer a variety of fun activities to suit all

age ranges. Currently we are not open every day of every school holiday, but we are continually working to increase the number of days we can

open our Holiday Club. This year we will be open 5 days a week during Holiday Club (Oct 17 - June 18) excluding Bank Holidays and the Christmas Holidays.


This year our Summer Holiday Club will be open for 5 weeks (see dates below)




Up to 3hrs £10.50

over 3 and up to 4hrs £14.00

over 4 and up to 5hrs £17.50

over 5 and up to 6hrs £21.00

Over 6hrs is counted as our Full Day Rate and charged at £25.00

(No Sibling Discount is available at Holiday Club)


The sessions can be chosen at times to suit you between 8am and 6pm

(subject to availability)



Opening Times for Hol Club




Summer Holidays 2018

We will be:

Closed the first 3 days for cleaning and maintenance on 25th, 26th & 27th July

Open for 5 weeks from Mon 30th July to Fri 31st August 2018 (excluding Mon 27th August which is a Bank Holiday)

Closed for Holiday Club in September


Open on:

Mon 30th July 2018

Tues 31st July 2018

Weds 1st August 2018

Thurs 2nd August 2018

Fri 3rd August 2018

Mon 6th August 2018

Tues 7th August 2018

Weds 8th August 2018

Thurs 9th August 2018

Fri 10th August 2018

Mon 13th August 2018

Tues 14th August 2018

Weds 15th August 2018

Thurs 16th August 2018

Fri 17th August 2018

Mon 20th August 2018

Tues 21st August 2018

Weds 22nd August 2018

Thurs 23rd August 2018

Fri 24th August 2018

(Closed Bank Holiday Mon 27th August 2018)

Tues 28th August 2018

Weds 29th August 2018

Thurs 30th August 2018

Fri 31st August 2018


Planned Activities are in addition to our regular activities and equipment which will still be available to the children. All planned activities are optional.








































October Half Term Holiday 2018

Open on:

Mon 22nd October 2018

Tues 23rd October 2018

Weds 24th October 2018

Thurs 25th October 2018

Fri 26th October 2018


Christmas Holidays 2018

Closed over the Christmas Holidays


February Half Term Holiday 2019

Open on:

Mon 18th February 2019

Tues 19th February 2019

Weds 20th February 2019

Thurs 21st February 2019

Fri 22nd February 2019


Easter Holidays 2019

Open on:

Mon 8th April 2019

Tues 9th April 2019

Weds 10th April 2019

Thurs 11th April 2019

Fri 12th April 2019

Mon 15th April 2019

Tues 16th April 2019

Weds 17th April 2019

Thurs 18th April 2019

Closed Good Friday 19th April and Easter Monday 22nd April


Summer Half Term Holiday 2019

(Closed on Bank Holiday Mon 27th May 2019)

Open on:

Tues 28th May 2019

Weds 29th May 2019

Thurs 30th May 2019

Fri 31st May 2019


Summer Holidays 2019

We will be:


Closed the first 3 days of the Summer Holidays for cleaning and maintenance on 24th, 25th & 26th July 2019


Open for 5 weeks from Mon 29th July to Fri 30th August 2019 (excluding Mon 26th August which is a Bank Holiday)


Open on:

Mon 29th July 2019

Tues 30th July 2019

Weds 31st July 2019

Thurs 1st August 2019

Fri 2nd August 2019

Mon 5th August 2019

Tues 6th August 2019

Weds 7th August 2019

Thurs 8th August 2019

Fri 9th August 2019

Mon 12th August 2019

Tues 13th August 2019

Weds 14th August 2019

Thurs 15th August 2019

Fri 16th August 2019

Mon 19th August 2019

Tues 20th August 2019

Weds 21st August 2019

Thurs 22nd August 2019

Fri 23rd August 2019

(Closed Bank Holiday Mon 26th August 2019)

Tues 27th August 2019

Weds 28th August 2019

Thurs 29th August 2019

Fri 30th August 2019