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Woolpit Primary Academy

At the ARC, we work closely with Woolpit Primary Academy (formerly Woolpit Community Primary School) both in our everyday activities and in the transition of our Rising-5’s over to the school


The school has also kindly allowed us use of the playground and playing field facilities, and we also use the schools composting boxes. Woolpit Primary Academy

is an eco-school, having gained the Green Flag award in June 2009


In line with the school's 'Healthy Schools' status,

we encourage healthy eating at the ARC through

balanced snacks, and discourage sugary foods

and drinks at our Lunch Club


To help our Rising-5’s in their move over to the school, we work closely

with the Reception Class teacher, and  the Learning Support Assistants.


At the start of the summer term, the reception class teacher (Mrs Holmes) comes over to the ARC to meet and read all the children stories. As the term develops the children begin to pay short visits to Hedgehog Class to give them a chance to

get used to their new class room, and meet some of the pupils.


If you would like any more information about how the transition works,

then please don’t hesitate to speak to us, or to Woolpit Primary Academy.



Most Recent Transition to Primary School


Here at the ARC we were really pleased to hear that the transition to

‘Big School’ in September (2018) was very smooth and easy for the children.

At the ARC we pride ourselves in the fact that our sessions are child led. Children

are allowed to choose which activities they want to do and are able to take as much time as they need for each activity. If a child expresses a particular interest, we are able to make up activities around that interest on the spot. When the children move on to the Primary School, the Reception Class is also mainly child led. Reception Class also says 80% of the work in class is child led. The ARC feels that this really helps the children to feel comfortable in their surroundings and familiar with the

way things work.


"I feel that the ARC gave my children a really good start in life and helped them feel confident for the move to Big School, where they settled in really well. Thank you" 



Contact details for Woolpit Primary Academy


Headteacher    Mrs Jen Carlyle (Head Teacher)

Secretaries      Mrs Mayo & Mrs Brown

Telephone       01359 240625