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Spring Term 2017

Thurs 5th January - Fri 31st March 2017

This term so far, we have been looking for the visual signs of spring and learning about colours, singing spring songs and rhymes. As the weather gets warmer we will be spending more and more time exploring our new garden! There is so much to do outside with lots of new learning opportunities while we play and have fun.































We also plan to do some colourful, rocket pictures this term, celebrate the colourful Holi festival and enjoy all our usual activities leading up to Easter. We will be having an Easter Egg Hunt on 30th March. (details below under 'Events')


We will continue to plan many activities around the children’s interests.


Speaking and Listening Skills

Speaking and listening skills are also being worked on this term. These are important skills for the children to master and will help with literacy and reading in the future.

We have been talking about this at circle time ...


~ Looking Eyes ~ Listening Ears ~ Quiet Lips


School Meals

We are usually able to offer children at the Arc a hot school meal if ordered in advance from the Primary School. Please inform the school and us.

(£2.30 per meal).


Learning the Rules

We will be thinking and talking about friendship, caring and sharing, and the

rules of the setting. Please remind your children that when inside they need to

use ‘walking feet’. Running and chasing games inside the ARC are not allowed for safety reasons. We also remind the children we use our ‘talking voices’ and ‘gentle hands’. Our rules include ‘try to be kind to everyone’ and ‘Be a good friend’. We also teach the children to take care of our toys, respect our environment and be safe with our tools.


Online Learning Journals

The children’s Online Learning Journals are available at the TAPESTRY website


Tapestry has proved itself to be a fantastic tool.

Are you aware you can comment and upload pictures from home too?

This helps us to build a more holistic view of your child.

You will need your email address and password to login. If anyone has trouble accessing their online Learning Journals or forgets their password, please see Jackie or Sara in the office as this information is held securely.

(The children’s Learning Journey Folders at the ARC will still contain pieces of work.)


Water Bottles

All Pre School children are supplied with a named water bottle by us to use while they are at the Arc. We only use these bottles for water as we like to encourage all the children to drink it. We encourage healthy practice and talk to the children about staying healthy and taking care of our teeth. We are also trying to prepare the children for when they go to Primary school and water is the only drink allowed in the classrooms.


For those children who really do not like plain water to drink, we still offer it to them but they can have squash instead if parents supply it in their own named bottle. Sometimes we find children who refuse to drink water at home, will drink it when they are here as they like to be the same as their friends.






Clothes Collection

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

(Please bring your donationsby 9am)









Spring Term 2017

First day of Term - Thurs 5th January 2017

Last Day of Term – Fri 31st March 2017


Spring Half Term 2017

Mon 13th February - Fri 17th February 2017 (inclusive)


Summer Term 2017

First day of Term - Tues18th April 2017

Last Day of Term – Fri 21st July 2017


Summer Half Term 2017

Mon 29th May - Fri 2nd June 2017 (inclusive)

First Day Back after Half Term is Mon 5th June 2017


Summer Holidays 2017

First day of Summer Holidays - Saturday 22nd July 2017

Last Day of Summer Holidays - Tues 5th September

First Day Back after Summer Holidays - Wednesday 6th September 2017



If you would like to be involved in any of our activities, please contact Jackie

or Sarah for more information on 01359 245868