Woolpit ARC - All Round Care


We had a lovely report from OFSTED and received a

GOOD in all areas – the Inspector was impressed with our setting

and said that our " teaching is consistently good, and some is outstanding. "

Last Ofsted Visit - 27th September 2019


" Children arrive happily and quickly settle, showing curiosity and eagerness

   to explore. Staff greet them warmly, follow their lead in play and

   sensitively join in. "

" Staff understand how children learn. They plan a wide range of interesting

   and stimulating activities that ignite children's curiosity and build on

   children's interests. "

" Staff aim to 'build on the awe and wonder children see in the world'.

   They ask questions and introduce new words to help children build good

   vocabularies. Children hear lots of mathematical language as they play. "

To read the full report, please follow this link:

Woolpit ARC Ofsted Report (URN: EY35964